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Let’s play!

January 26, 2013
ruby hugging

At Sequoyah Woods Ruby hugs, or tries to hug, one of the stout posts in the pavilion.

Here’s to the child, the genius of play, who can make so much out of so little, even today, the hyped-up electronic age. She can make happiness, for example, out of thin air, with no cell phone in sight, or iPod, or other gizmo.

She takes me out today to the back yard, my granddaughter Ruby Mae, five years old, and we center our activities, as usual, on the playset (swings, slide, and platform). She becomes at once a curious Goldilocks to my old man (invading my home on top of the platform) … then baby fox to my mama fox (we cuddle on a blanket and pillow underneath) … then grappler as we roll in the grass. Seamlessly, from one deed to the next, the child rolls on and on. In no time, because in play there is no time, she’s harassing the yapping mutt next door (feeding her weeds that I, working, have picked).

We could catalog these sudden changes all day long, couldn’t we? We can’t keep the child down on the work farm.

It’s only we old folks who arise and go back to what we call the real world, the predictable realm of work, where we slave away until the next time the child appears with her delighted command, “Let’s play!”

Can we enter that magic kingdom again, where all men and women are created equal? Only if we let ourselves. As by going, hand in hand, with a little child out to play. Or slipping into our own work so ecstatically that time vanishes and we have no thought of exertion or exhaustion at all.


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