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Illiterate poets, dead (some of them) but not gone

November 1, 2011

Saw a new discussion in LinkedIn this morning, following this prompt, “What user-friendly resources can you suggest for poets and writers who need to correct their usage of English grammar and punctuation? ”

Homer British Museum.jpg

Homer, traditionally pictured as blind

To which I helpfully appended, “Tell them to forget it. If they don’t read, which is all too often the case, but think they can write, they’d be better served by becoming an illiterate itinerant bard. Think Homer.”

Yes, this phenomenon of the illiterate poet is familiar to me. Teen girls pouring out their hearts in dresser drawers full of worse verse than you can imagine. Would-be rappers rhyming and chiming their angst and animus. Students yearning to express something, lacking merely the words.

Gather up all these would-be bards and send them tramping out into the countryside or the city squares. See if they can earn a living by appealing to the deaf ears of their countrymen. “Sir, ma’am, do you like poetry?” Then wail away.

Did I hear a gnat?


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