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Hate mail

February 10, 2011

I published a letter in the Star Tribune recently (see below, right) about the climate of violence that might have contributed to Rep. Giffords’ shooting — and received just yesterday in the mail an envelope full of hateful liberal-bashing clips and cartoons.
There was no individual signature, just a stamped return address reading “American News Center 55105,” a crudely scrawled address on the envelope, and block-lettered comments on the clips, which included:

  1. A typed clip equating liberals with Nazis
  2. A B.C. cartoon suggesting liberals are liars
  3. Another crude print-out defining liberals as sexual perverts, infant killers, cowards, imbeciles, and Red Americans
  4. A World Net Daily article suggesting Giffords’ shooter was a liberal (check out WND, a vile mess of lies and contortions by Fox News types)
  5. Another cartoon suggesting Gore, Andy Dawkins, and Kaczynski are all psychopathic treasure diggers

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson, one of our Founding Fathers, whose complex genius gave birth to our nation

Boy, am I enlightened by this impeccable logic, fired, as my letter might have suggested, by someone who can command far more heat than light. By another angry nutcase, who takes out his anger and confusion by targeting political foes, not by mastering issues and tracing complex causes and results.

When I Googled “American News Center, ” I found this blog entry: Seems I’m not the only letter-writer the angry reactionary is targeting.

Cheers, then, to anyone and everyone, whatever his or her side, who prefers to use logic to argue a case and in so doing honors the brilliant intellect of our founding fathers (whom the nutcases invoke so fervently and ignorantly).


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  1. Jeannie Zeck permalink

    It’s disturbing to see how few critical thinking skills some adult Americans have.

  2. To be critical — that is, lucid and logical — may be seen as unpatriotic in some quarters. We go back to “My country, right or wrong” and “My country, love it or leave it” — the belligerent silent majority sentiments of the Vietnam years. In other quarters, as you know too well as a college teacher, critical thinking is just too difficult. There are so many other, more interesting things going on, so much bread, so many circuses.

  3. This guy sent a VERY similar response to a letter-to-the-editor of mine published a few years back about the corruption and hypocrisy du jour (DeLay, Foley, Enron. I can’t remember them all).

    Perhaps “American News Center 55105” runs on Twinkies and a shoestring in someone’s mother’s basement?

    • Very likely, ha ha. Someone protected by his mother’s apron strings. And too timid to come out from behind. I think he’s harmless enough, just wacko. Perhaps this is a worthy project, though. Scare him out, light him up. Like Hosni Mubarak, he may flee! In all honesty, why not sign your name to something you author? Are you not proud of it? Can’t you stand up to it? Let’s everybody breathe deeply, calmly. Now, then. Exhale. Now, then. Speak to us. Speak. Speak truth.

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