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She won’t bow down to no man

January 5, 2011

While Jen and I were in Arkansas, our granddaughter Ruby entertained us with interpretive dance and song. She shows real promise, I think, as a dancer, moving to the beat, whether slow or fast, soft or driving. For one number, a tune that’s gone viral, as they say, on YouTube, “Enter the Ninja,” featuring a waifish young girl, a progeric dwarf, and a scrawny Ninja, Ruby starts out almost en pointe, her arms an arch above her head, then with the rap beat coming on strong she dives to the floor and break dances (three-year-old version).

Break dancing

Ruby break-dances to the tune of "Enter the Ninja."

She also entertained us by singing out a refrain that’s becoming her anthem — something from a cowboy tune or cowgirl tune? Dunno. The phrase is “I won’t bow down to no man!” And Ruby is insistent on the point.

I do believe, given everything I see about her developing character and her will power, that she will indeed never bow down to no man.

And make that woman too!


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